Groundbreaking Benchmarks for Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is outpacing app and email subscriber retention by a factor of 2X and 3X.

You need the facts. Data-driven truths. Wild claims by purveyors of digital marketing platforms are of no value when you need to know for sure if your brand's investment into a text marketing program will actually pay off. Will a restaurant text message marketing program cure cancer? Create world peace? Fix your marriage? Probably not.

But, in spite of the increasing acceptance of text messaging as a pillar in a restaurant brand's digital marketing mix, there's been a dearth of published research or analysis on actual text program data.

Until Now.

Get the data to learn the impact text message marketing has on guest frequency, spend, and ROI.

This seminal Restaurant Text Marketing Benchmarks report is the result of deep-diving into 3 years worth of text program data, digging through more than 500 million text transactions sent to 15 million consumers from more than 40 foodservice brands. Now, we can quantify the impact of a text message marketing program and calculate the economic value.

Inside this complimentary report:

  • Real text messaging program statistics based on over 40 foodservice brands
  • Text club subscriber validation identified from real-world opt-in rates, retention rates, click-through-rates, redemption rates, sales transactions, and other aspects of guest behavior
  • Analysis and strategic guidance on types of messages and promotional offers sent identifying which campaign types generated the strongest subscriber responses
  • Subscriber behavior, including analysis of text message strategies, showing what works and what doesn't
  • Channel comparison on the relative efficacy and ROI of text programs, branded apps, email, and loyalty programs

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