Get Brands into Games and Gamers into Brands!

Mobivity makes it easy to get your brand connected to millions of gamers, extending reach and boosting guest frequency

Think it's hard to link with gaming? Not anymore!

Mobivity built a solution with leading Game Publishers and In-Game Advertisers to deliver more highly effective access to this massive digital audience of spenders! 

Drive Gamers Into Stores AND Boost Guest Frequency

Get In the Game. Literally.

When your branded offers are integrated into the gaming platform, they become a part of the in-game experience viewed by millions of engaged players. Your branded offer isn’t an advertisement or an interruption…it’s the reward for having fun!

Get Players Into Your Stores...FAST!

Drive gamers into your stores by offering real-world rewards for downloading and playing the game. The more they play, the more points they earn, redeemable for rewards from your brand. 

Launch fast with minimal upfront cost. 

You provide one-time-use offer codes and artwork and we take care of the rest – from campaign set up to fraud-free offer code distribution, game integration, fulfillment, customer support, redemption performance tracking, and more!

Analyze Results Easily. 

With our full-funnel reporting, you'll see what offers are driving engagement and redemption. Test multiple offers and see which drive the highest performance and value.

Testing the Strategy is Easy! 

It’s a snap to test, learn, and change out offers. Start and end promotions as you need. We put you in control of redemption timing, duration, purchase requirements, and channel redemption control.

Build Valuable First-Party Data.

In-game placement and game promotion drive app downloads, text club opt-ins, and loyalty signup activities, amassing first-party data and creating media channels you own and control.

More Downloads, More Gamers, More In-Store Traffic!

Use your own media channels to promote game app downloads in exchange for free products. At absolutely no cost to you! For every redemption, we’ll fully reimburse your offer costs. Gamify your brand, differentiate your offers, and boost visit frequency with virtually no-cost promotions.

It’s Easy to Get Started.

Just ask your account executive or complete the form below to connect with a brand-growth expert to learn how Mobivity will get you in the game and turn this large gaming audience into regular customers!